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Services: Logo Design, Brand Styling
Industry: Writer, Editing

Leilani Squires is a writer and editor, leading a successful freelance writing and editing business. Although most of her clients come through referrals, she wanted to increase her authority and credibility by rebranding and building an online presence. Together, we walked through her brand foundation to get clear on her mission, vision and goals. Then created a logo and initial brand styling that conveys both her approachability and her authority as an industry expert.

Main Logo Design

Leilani Squires logo design in front of open book

Old Logo

Leilani Squires old logo design

New Logo

Explanation of Logo Design

Explanation of Leilani Squires logo

Stacked Logo Design

Leilani Squires Stacked Logo

Badge-Style Logo Design

Leilanii Squires Badge-Style Logo

Example of Logo Design on a Mug

Example of Leilani Squires Logo on a mug

Example of Logos on Letterhead

Example of Leilani Squires Logo on a stamp

Examples of Logo on Signage

Example of Leilani Squires Logo on a sign

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