Christy Wright

Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Business Coach

Services: Brand Design, Web Design, Course Design
Industry: Business. Speaking, Faith

Christy Wright is a top-rated speaker, best-selling author, and business coach and former Ramsey Solutions personality. I designed a new brand and course materials, and designed and developed a new website to launch her new speaker training courses, coaching program, and new podcast. 

Together, we walked through her brand foundation to get clear on her mission, vision and goals. Then I created brand styling and a brand guide that captures the distinct business and faith sides of her business, while still being cohesive. 

This culminated in a new website that launched her new faith-based podcast Get Your Hopes Up and her speaking courses Stop Winging It, Start Getting Booked, along with a suite of course and marketing materials.

Personal & Product Branding

Christy Wright "Get Your Hopes Up" podcast tile designed by Lindsey Beharry Design Co.
Christy Wright Stop Winging It Course Workbook design by Lindsey Beharry Design Co.

Web Design

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