Dr. Jessica Sapp

Author, Educator, Personal Brand

Services: Logo Design, Brand Styling, Book Cover Design, Web Design
Industry: Health & Wellness, Education

Dr. Jessica Sapp is a wellness educator, writer, podcaster, and surfing aficionado. After a successful career in public health, Dr. Jessica launched her own business to help people with experience wholeness in their health journey.

Together, we walked through her brand foundation to get clear on her mission, vision, goals, and creative direction. Dr. Jessica spends a lot of time in nature, especially at the beach, which is integral to her health journey. She wanted her brand to reflect the warmth and beauty of the coastline with a slight edge of her bold personality. 

Using this inspiration, I created a logo and brand styling, which all came together on her new website, drjessicasapp.com, featuring her wellness books, education videos, podcast, and shop.

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