No One Cares About Your Business. Here's What They DO Care About.

Hey, I’m going to give it to you straight: no one cares about your business.

I’m sorry if that stung a bit. But my business is not exempt from this harsh reality and I’ll tell you why and what people do care about that can help you get their attention and turn them into a client.

Why No One Cares About Your Business

Every person who encounters your service or product is thinking just one thing: “What’s in it for me?” It’s your job to answer that question, and there’s the right way to do it and the wrong way.

Bad Business is Like a Bad Date

I’m sure you’ve been on a bad date. Picture your worst one. Now, let me guess what happened on that date…

They rambled on and on about themself, how great their job is, and how much they work out. And you were bored to tears and turned off, because “It sure would have been nice if they’d asked me just one interesting question about what I care about” and then you give them the “Let’s be friends” line and ghost.

This is what happens when you go on and on about how great your products or service are and talk at length about the nitty, gritty details of your product. Because those aren’t the things that compel someone to buy from you. Here’s what does…

People Care About What They Care About

Understanding what your audience cares about starts with listening to them and crafting your questions and your content around that. 

Say you run fitness center. You’re really proud of your fitness center and all the work that went in to make it the very best. So you start telling your customers all about the state-of-the-art fitness equipment, the 50-foot climbing wall, the smoothie bar, and the water feature in the middle of the lobby. All those things are great, but that’s not what your customers care about.

Instead, start by talking about what they care about, which in this case is a rockin’ bod they’re proud to show off at the pool.

When you paint a picture of what they could look like by summer and how their life will be better, suddenly you have their attention and the sale becomes more natural. 

No one will ever care about your business as much as you do, but it’s your job to answer this question every time you interact with a potential client. To learn how, check out my post How to Polish Your Brand Story (And Keep it that Way) or visit my Instagram post below.

In the comments, let me know about your business and what problem it solves.