3 Tools to Create a Branded Instagram Feed Design

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Marketing your business consistently on social media isn’t easy, and neither is staying on brand. But these 3 tools can help create a branded Instagram feed design and keep it looking 🔥 for only 17 cents a day!

Canva for Content Creation

As a designer, I use a combo of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop for the bulk of my projects. But I love Canva for small, quick projects like creating branded social media templates. That way I never have to design a post from scratch. This tool is perfect for the small business owner or nonprofit that is straddling Do-It-Yourself and Done-For-You services.

COST: Canva’s FREE account gives you access to everything you need to create branded social media templates. Or your can purchase my done-for-you templates in my Canva Template Shop.

Hashtag Bandit for Instagram

If you market yourself of social media, a huge part of staying on brand means getting in front of your ideal customers through specific hashtags that your audience uses. I use Hashtag Bandit to find, organize, and analyze my niche hashtags.

My favorite thing about it is that is instantly lets you know when a hashtag is banned or dead, and it has color indicators to let you know whether the hashtag has enough activity on it for your content to be found.

COST: FREE on iOS and Android 

The Content Planner for Content Planning

You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. And I know I have found this to be true. That’s why I love The Content Planner, a flexible planning system with 15 fillable planning sheets to brainstorm, dream big, and plan your online content one month at a time, and track your wins.

And, it comes with stickers! Who doesn’t loves stickers for incentive?

COST: $59.99. 

Total Annual Investment

Are you ready for this? I spend just $59.99 annually to use these tools to market my business through social media. I’ll do that math for you; that’s less than 7 cents a day! These low-cost marketing solutions are big wins for the small business owner

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