How to Get the Best Out of Your Graphic Designer (And Make them Freaking Love You)

Wondering how to get the best out of your graphic designer? I’ll tell you how, and how you can save yourself a ton of time and frustration in the process. But first, have you ever been in this situation…?

Why does my graphic designer seem so needy?

You finally get to a point where you can hire someone to help with your design and marketing projects, but they keep bugging you with questions…

“Hey! Can you send me your logo real quick?”

“Do you have some product photos to use in this brochure?”

“Umm, these iPhone photos are cool, but do you have anything that’s a high resolution?”

“Can you send me you fonts and your brand colors?”

All the while you’re probably thinking… “Isn’t this stuff your job to figure out? I thought hiring out was supposed to make my life easier!”

Well, you’re right—hiring out totally is supposed to make your life easier. But here’s the thing…

You have to make it easy on your designer to do their job, first. You have to have your brand assets in order.

What are my brand assets?

Your brand assets are your logos, high-quality photos, brand fonts, brand colors, brand guide, etc. These are the tools your graphic designer needs to do his or her job well and efficiently. It’s just as frustrating for them to not have what they need, as it is for you to answer their questions and hunt and peck for these files.

By the way, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to create these assets, check out my free simplified brand guide template, or visit my Canva Template Shop, where you can get a package of beautifully design templates for all your basic marketing needs.

A shareable media library is the first step to getting the best out of your designer

So, here’s how to get the best out of your designer and make them freaking love you. It’s one of my best (and totally free) time-saving hacks! And it goes a long, long way in to setting up a positive and productive working relationship.

Take 3 minutes (yes, literally 3 minutes) to set up a shareable media library and add all your important brand assets so they’re in one place for your designer. And then watch your designer shut up and create!

I use GoogleDrive, but Box, Dropbox, or any other cloud-based system will work just as well.

Watch this 20-second video to see how freaking easy it is to set up a brand asset library!

Now try it yourself and bask in the effortlessness of having a design partner while you do more of what you love in your business.

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