3 Things that Make a great client gift

What to give your clients for the holidays

It’s that time of year where visions of fruit baskets dance in our heads and we wonder what to give your clients for the holidays. Here are 3 things that make a great client gift!

3 Things that Make a Great Client Gift

1. A Great Client Gift is Personal

First things first: let’s stop with the fruit baskets. The real problem with these is you’re overwhelmed and out of good gift ideas, so you resort to something easy and impersonal, which doesn’t meaningfully communicate your gratitude to your clients.

Holiday gifts are a chance to enhance your clients’ experience of your brand, to surprise and delight them, and to make them feel valued. This builds loyalty, because you’re building a real relationship. And the best way to do that is to make your gifts personal.

If that sounds pricey, there’s good news: personal doesn’t mean expensive. It just means personal. The easiest way to personalize any gift (even a fruit basket) is to include a handwritten note with a specific message to each client. And don’t try to shortcut this with printed notes and generic messages—we all know what you did.

2. A Great Client Gift is About Your Client

People love, wear, and show off things that highlight their values and character, which is why it’s a good idea that your gifts speak to your clients’ values. And this is much easier than it sounds, because if your clients decided to work with you, you share at least one value in common: the outcome of the problem you solved for them through your business.

Think about what you sell and the deeper need it meets—that’s where the values lie. For example, Lindsey Beharry Design Co. sells branding and web design. But the deeper need it meets is helping people feel confident about their businesses. Lindsey Beharry Design Co. really sells confidence by creating beautiful brands. So any gifts or products we make are all about building up our clients. Below are some ideas for how this could be incorporated into a gift.


3. A Great Client Gift is Enjoyable

Gifts people enjoy are gifts people use. So, here’s a quick rule of thumb for client gift-giving: if you wouldn’t wear it, eat it, or use, don’t give it. No one wants a cheap flashlight pen or reusable Solo cup with just your company logo on it. But they might enjoy a box of chocolate, personalized notebook, special coffee blend, or bottle of wine that incorporates your branding in a fun, unique, and unexpected way (i.e., it speaks to their values). 

Using online printing options such as Printful and VistaPrint, below are some ways you can make more your gifts more unique and fun, while still incorporating your company branding.

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The beautiful thing about making your products and gifts about your clients—creating things they’ll use and enjoy—is the word gets out about your business in a more genuine and authentic way. 

Which, by the way, is part of what makes your brand so great!

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