4 Things Your Logo Doesn’t Say about Your Business

This was a real request for a logo—no joke. 🫣

I want my logo to communicate that we’re international. It should show that we’re a great place to work. And we’re reliable and trustworthy. We want it to show every ethnicity we serve and all the places we’re located.”

Expecting your logo to communicate everything about your business is actually pretty common. Unfortunately, your logo is just not sophisticated enough to say everything you want people to know. (That’s what the rest of your brand is for!)

Here are 4 things your logo can’t tell people and how the rest of your brand can help instead:

1. Your logo can’t tell people what it’s like to work with you—what your values ares and if they will like you.

But you can build relationship, trust, and authority simply by the way you talk 💬 about yourself on your website, social media, and email. And the more human and conversational you talk, the more people will get a sense of what you might be like IRL.

2. Your logo can’t tell people what it’s like to work for you—what your company culture like and if they’ll like it. 

But you can use imagery and colors throughout your website, social media, and emails that communicate the fun 🎉, warm, friendly, or professional environment your company has created.

3. Your logo can’t tell people if your products or services are any good—if they’ll last a long time and if they’re worth the price.

That’s what other people are for! And if you have customers shouting 🗣️ your praises from the rooftops, be sure to share those reviews and testimonials on (you guessed it) your website, social media, and email.

4. Your logo can’t tell people if you mean what you say (and say what you mean)—if you’ll follow through or deliver on your promise.

But if you go out of your way to surprise 🫢 your customers with extra goodies, freebies, and giveaways on your website, social media, email, and mailboxes that message will have way more impact and meaning than trying to cram it into your logo mark.

And here’s why all of this is true: your logo is simply a flag 🏁 for your business. It tells people where they’ve landed in space. The rest of your brand carries your reputation.

Don’t ignore it.

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