3 Business Crushes that Will Help You Crush Your Business Goals

I’ll be honest, I have a hard time coming up with a celebrity crush. But business crushes? Ooo la la! So in honor of Valentines Day, here are my current 3 business crushes that will help you crush your business goals.

3 Business Crushes to Will Help You Crush Your Business Goals

1. StoryBrand


If you’re struggling to position your brand and connect with more customers, StoryBrand provides excellent and easy-to-use resources to help you shape and share your message in a way that will clarify it for your customers, help you connect with them, and ultimately, grow your business.

Why I Love Them

StoryBrand was founded by author Donald Miller, who created a framework for how to market your business based on the brain science of how we naturally digest and organize information and the formula of what makes a good movie. He’s identified 7 elements of a compelling story that you can apply to any and every business message to help customers understand what you do in 3 sentences or less. I have personally gone through both the online and private workshops and can say it has revolutionized they way I copy write, edit, and share information.


2. Business Boutique

Business Boutique

Y’all, I love Business Boutique and it’s so much that it’s got me saying “y’all!” Founder and Business Coach Christy B. Wright created Business Boutique to help equip women to make money doing what they love. If you’re not sure where to begin with your business, Business Boutique provides literally everything you need to get started, be successful, and believe in yourself in the process.

Why I Love Them

The thought of starting a business was completely intimidating, and then a friend recommended I listen to the Business Boutique podcast. This resource was like sitting down to coffee with a girlfriend—who happens to be a business coach—and learning how to start a business and build a plan. I heard about the struggles and successes of real women, just like me, who are doing what they love and crushing it. It provides so much encouragement and empowerment for the very real fears every small business owner faces.

And, after hearing such positive feedback from my Instagram community, I have already booked my tickets to attend the Business Boutique Conference in 2020. If you’re planning to attend, find me on Instagram. I’d love to connect!


3. The Content Planner

The Content Planner

I’m not going to lie: I’m business-crushing hard on The Content Planner. The Content Planner was founded by Kat Gaskin, who used social media to build her personal brand and launch two successful eCommerce businesses. If you use content marketing for your business and need to get organized, this is a fantastic and fun-to-use resource that helps you plan your blog and social media posts with more strategy and confidence. Plus, their Instagram account is full of useful tips and resources for building your online presence.

Why I Love Them

I don’t necessarily think planning is fun, but this product is changing my mindset toward planning. And I mean, how gorgeous is this planner?

It comes with fun stickers and a pretty pen, so planning feels less like drudgery and more personalized and inspirational. And, even better—it works! Many of my business leads have come from simply planning and posting.


I’d LOVE to know: who’s your business crush. Share it in the comments below 👇, or join the conversation on my Instagram @lbeharry.consulting.